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    Ridwan Kamil Supported Ki Bagus Rangin to become the Indonesian National Hero


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil admitted that he was quite sad with historical artifacts in West Java that seemed to be neglected. When he became Mayor of Bandung, he claimed to continue to strive to improve this history.

    "Banceuy Street I gave the name Soekarno Street, and the prison in Banceuy which had been slum was beautified, so it became a tourist destination. And there are many other roads that we will improve on, "he said at Gedung Sate, when opening the National Seminar on Good Rangin Birthday Proposal as a National Hero, Thursday (21/3).

    He said the hero had given a lot of wisdom to his daily life. Heroes have given an example of the importance of national unity.

    "The lesson now is why invaders easily divide us, because it is easy to divide. Today the conditions are still the same. Why hasn't it progressed maximally? Because it is easily provoked, through social media and others, "he said.

    At present, according to him, the biggest enemy of unity is hatred. He took the example of shooting in New Zeland caused by hatred.

    "So our enemies are not between countries but about beliefs and hatred," he said.

    Regarding Bagus Rangin, according to him the demonstration has been given by placing his name on a road in the city of Bandung. The award of a hero name in a street name is one of the types of awards and at the same time informing its existence to the community.

    In West Java there are currently 13 heroes who have been designated as national heroes, if Bagus Rangin is approved then there will be 14 national heroes from West Java.

    "There are already five heroes who become street names, then we will find a way that is suitable for other heroes' names," said the governor. Jo

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