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    Urging the Election Law Revision


    BANDUNG-In response to some problems relating to the implementation of elections simultaneously, it is necessary at this time to revise the law on elections.


    It thus, expressed by the Secretary of Commission III of the DPRD West Java, Sunatra in a statement to jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (29/3).


    Things need to be revised in the Election Law is regarding to the principle of fair and square.


    In order to embody the principle of fair, there should be no double support of candidates that will be carried. Do not let the candidates carried independently whereas supported by political parties.


    The Election Law revision is expected to apply 10 to 15 years so that it can accommodate all of the problems for the long term.


    The election law [revision] is expected to run for elections in 2017.


    Through the Election Law revision is expected to give birth to the political maturation for people to participate in the democracy. This revision of the Law on Elections, is enable for residents to choose or be elected.

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